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  • The FAST Method | Knowing the Warning Signs of a Stroke
    Act FAST: What To Look For In A Stroke Read Time: 3 minutes A stroke is a sudden interruption of the blood supply to the brain. The most common cause of stroke is a blockage of the arteries running to the brain. This ... read more
    Posted: 12-28-2018
  • The Truth About Flu Shots
    Taking A Jab At Influenza Read Time: 3 minutes In the US flu season starts in November and lasts until April. Each year, around 20% of the American population contract seasonal flu. For most people, flu will pass relatively quickly, but it may ... read more
    Posted: 12-26-2018
  • Are Flu Shots Mandatory for School-Age Children?
    Spotting Signs Of Flu In Children Read Time: 3 minutes Flu in children can be caused by one of three different strains of flu. Yearly seasonal flu outbreaks are caused by types A and B virus. Type C virus causes sporadic outbreaks. Symptoms ... read more
    Posted: 12-21-2018
  • Going On Vacation? Consider A Travel Vaccination
    Traveling Abroad? Stay Savvy About Travel Shots Read Time: 3 minutes When someone is excited about a vacation abroad, the last thing on their mind is getting travel vaccinations. But if the trip is outside of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or ... read more
    Posted: 12-17-2018
  • How Important is Your Medication Timing
    Mistakes Happen Read Time: 3 minutes Some mistakes in life, like forgetting to let the dog out in time can cause a mess. But, when people forget to take medications or take them at the wrong time, more than just a minor mishap ... read more
    Posted: 12-13-2018
  • 5 Symptoms Bioidentical Hormones Help During Menopause
    How Bioidentical Hormones Help Menopause Read Time: 3 minutes Bioidentical hormones are made from plant hormones. Because they are identical to the hormones produced in the human body, they can be used to bring depleted hormones back to a healthy level. During menopause, ... read more
    Posted: 12-11-2018
  • Vaccinations While Pregnant: Can You Get The Flu Shot?
    Pregnancy and the Flu Shot: What You Need to Know Read Time: 3 minutes During pregnancy, a woman shares everything with her baby: food, body products, and medicine including vaccinations. When the woman receives a vaccination, she is protecting both herself and her ... read more
    Posted: 12-07-2018
  • What’s the Difference Between A Panic Attack and an Anxiety Attack?
    Panic And Anxiety Attack Differences Read Time: 4 minutes Anxiety attacks can build gradually with chronic worry over upcoming events. The events may be major like an illness or death, or even minor things such as being late to work or missing a ... read more
    Posted: 12-05-2018
  • Discover The Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormones In Menopause
    How BHRT Can Help With Menopause Read Time: 3 minutes Women who are suffering from a combination of menopause symptoms and whose symptoms are affecting their daily life may want to consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). BHRT involves taking plant-derived hormones to ... read more
    Posted: 12-03-2018
  • Best Tips for Choosing a Compound Pharmacy
    Compounding Practices: Choosing The Best Pharmacy Read Time: 2 minutes A compounding pharmacy is one in which pharmacists mix, combine, or alter two or more drugs to meet a specific patient’s needs. This process is for people who, for health reasons, are unable ... read more
    Posted: 11-29-2018
  • Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Germs
    Germs Are Everywhere But Can’t Be Seen Read Time: 3 minutes Germs are tiny microscopic organisms that can cause diseases. Invisible to the naked eye, germs can be found on plants, animals, people, and objects around us. Germs are everywhere! Germs come in ... read more
    Posted: 11-27-2018
  • When To Consider A Travel Vaccination?
    Are Travel Vaccinations Necessary? Read Time: 3 minutes When traveling abroad, checking up on vaccinations is always an important checklist item. While some areas are at higher risk than others, many diseases that are rare in the United States are still common in ... read more
    Posted: 11-23-2018
  • The Warning Signs of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
    Keeping An Eye Out For Toxic Shock Syndrome Read Time: 3 minutes Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is most commonly associated with women who use high-absorbency tampons. This type of TSS first emerged during 1979 and 1980. Since then, the incidence of TSS has ... read more
    Posted: 11-20-2018
  • When Is The Best Time For A Flu Shot?
    Flu Shots: When Is the Best Time To Get One Read Time: 3 minutes The flu is a highly contagious airborne virus. The influenza virus is constantly changing and therefore annual flu shots are recommended. While the virus comes in two forms, Influenza ... read more
    Posted: 11-16-2018
  • Screening for Diabetes | Common Signs and Symptoms
    Can Diabetes Screenings Prevent Diabetes? Read Time: 3 minutes Diabetes greatly impacts a person’s daily life, from what they eat, where they can go, and how they plan each day. Type 2 diabetes is more common in those over the age of 40, ... read more
    Posted: 11-14-2018